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Pal Pauer emigrated from Hungary to the US in 1956 at the age of 15 to escape from Soviet occupation. He attended Ojai, CA highschool where he met Stephan Riess who was lecturing on the science of Primary Water. After graduating he went on to College in UC Santa Barbara to take courses in Geology while doing an apprenticeship with Stephan Riess who became his mentor/teacher/well drilling partner until his death in 1985. Besides working as a Hydro-Geologist Pal Pauer also became a master mason, successful builder and real estate investor throughout California.

A List of Pal Pauer's major Primary Water drilling projects showing date, location, depth & structure, gallons per minute water output:

1961 Riess Property, Sulphur Mountain, Ventura Cty: 1 well; 400’, Monterey Shale,
50 gpm

1962, California City, Mohave Desert: 4 wells, 700' to 1400' bedrock, av. 700gpm

1962 Sulphur Mountain, 2 additional in Ventura Cty; both at 350', Monterey shale;
50 & 25 gpm

1965 Cuyama Valley,  Kern Cty, CA, 500', meta sedimentary,150gpm (redrilled 1972 after earthquake, San Fernando 1971; 5 miles from San Andreas fault)

1966 Three Rivers, Tulare Cty.;  200', plutonic granite, 200 gpm

1970-1975 Santa Ana Canyon, Ventura Cty; 5 wells: largest 150 feet/700gpm, sespe sandstone & coldwater, horizontal to 17 feet, 10gpm; 110'/50gpm; 200'/30gpm; 200'/50gpm

1975-1978 & 1984-1987 Coyote Canyon, Ventura Cty. west of Lake Casitas,
2 wells & artisan well: sespe sandstone & coldwater structure: 150’/800gpm; 200’/75

1978 Sulphur Mountain, Ojai, Ventura Cty, 400', Monterey shale,  75gpm

1978-83 Pacific City, Tilamook Cty, OR, elected to District Sewer & Water
District, 3 wells: Cape Kiwanda for sewer diet: each 120’ kiwanda alluvium
structure/ 1200gpm!!

1980 Cloverdale, Tilamook Cty, OR,   175’ meta sedimentary, 50gpm

1987  Siskiyou Cty, CA, Klamath River Northern Ranch, 400 acres, 175’ in unsorted volcanics, 200gpm

1995 Yreka, California, Hawkinsville/Humbug District, Siskiyou Cty,
Pauer property,  volcanics,  200’ /400gpm;
2nd well: 150’deep/75gpm 
3rd well:  150’deep/50gpm 
4th well:   200’deep/25gpm
5th (1965) 250’deep/50 gpm
6th 250’deep/20gpm
7th 250’deep/25gpm

From 1995 on until to date Pal Pauer has supervised and is involved in Primary Water drilling projects in:
Marshal Islands


“It's hard to get the point across to many people in the U.S. that the Earth makes water. We can access it and solve our problems. We don't need massive storage facilities or aqueducts. Clean, virtually infinite sources of water are right under our feet."     --- Pal Pauer


Pal Pauer