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The Science of Water
NEW SCIENTIST: Planet Earth makes its own water . . . - Link

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Earth's Deep Water Cycle - ISBN978-0-87590-433-7 - Link
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The Problem - Secondary Water is finite
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The Solution - Primary Water is unlimited
M. Salzman, New Water for a Thirsty World - download pdf file
Earth Generated Water - Modern Energy Research Library - Link
Cassiopaea Forum - The Theory of Primary Water - Link
Marianna King, Primary Water Research - download pdf file
Primary Water for a Thirsty World - Greg O'Neill download pdf file
             (published in SCIENCE TO SAGE)
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Black Hole Hosts Universe's Most Massive Water Cloud - Link
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Pal Pauer's article Oct 2011, page 80, download pdf file
Ancient Water Supply Systems, download pdf file
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Bloom The Desert, Roger Green - Link
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Theory and Source of Primary Water - Link
Desert Magazine - Stephan Riess, download pdf

“My discovery was put to a field test by locating and drilling many wells. The records to date from these tests is 70 producing wells out of 72 attempts, all drilled in hard rock, all located in distress areas generally considered unproductive.”           -- Stephan Riess (1954)